An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Definitely.

Terra Cotta Tumbler
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Doncha just hate it when your lemonade or ice tea or – nooooooooo!!! – beer assumes the ambient temperature of your surroundings? Happens way too often when we’re poolside or whatever, but fortunately a solution has come in the form of the Terra Cotta Tumbler.

They’re a little pricey, but when you consider the money you’ll save in warm beer (OK, we’ve never really poured our flat beer out; we’ve just choked it down…), paying $40 for two tumblers isn’t going to break the bank. Check them out at and at They’re black, so you can write your name on them kinda like a chalkboard. PLUS they’re dishwasher safe. PLUS they hold nearly 20 ounces. Win/win/win, right?

No more warm beer syndrome. We’re pleased!



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