Beach Blanket? Bingo!

Backyard Party Ideas

This is one of those kitschy things we love to do: Throw a beach party at home, complete with sand and volleyball and melted Popsicle on the blanket. So pull out your fake palm trees if you live in Minneapolis, blow up your beach ball that you toss at Red Rocks if you live in Boulder/Denver/Aspen/anywhere in Colorado, rub on the fake tan cream if you live in Fargo, let’s go beachin’!

There’s a whole post dedicated to home-bound beach parties at — and regardless of any other accouterments, make sure you have plenty of Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and maybe a, yah mon, little Bob Marley to groove to while you pound pina coladas and mojitos. If you live in an apartment, do this: “Fill a large vase with sand, then place a white candle in the center. To make it look even more beachy add a few seashells and some glitter.” Voila. Beach.



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