Cheese Sticks or String Cheese for Big People

A FAST and healthy GO-TO
String Cheese for Big People EdgyPlate

The folks at Baker Cheese had a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum: How could they produce and package their mozzarella for one-person cheese breaks? The Wisconsin cheese company (like there’s some other kind, right?), nearly 100 years old, was led by patriarch Frank Baker at the time – “the time” being mid-20th century – and according to his grandson, Brian, Frank was “an innovator by nature.”

So Frank, playing around with the mozzarella, as cheesemakers will do, started experimenting with one-pound packages of cheese.

Normally, mozzarella is molded into a shape from a continuous flow of cheese that is then shaped into a block or square. Frank wondered what would happen if he took this continuous flow of mozzarella and simply chopped them into strips,” explains.

The very fact that string cheese even has a secret life appeals to us, and so we read on: “He would cut off strips and hand stretch them and roll them up and cut them into ropes, into little three, four, five inch pieces. He’d soak them in the salt brine—this highly concentrated salt water—and he realized by doing it this way, cheese would have ‘stringing’ characteristics.”

And there you have it the rest of the story.

String cheese is touted as a healthy alternative to other snack foods like chips and donuts. Smile. Seriously, it provides calcium, and it’s lower in calories than other cheese varieties. Kids like to pull it apart. So do adults. Good stuff, that string cheese.

And as our cheese-lovin’ luck would have it, cheese sticks – not necessarily strings, mind you – now come in different flavors. Oh yes they do too.

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