Chill! Self-chillin’ Wine Glasses!

Gadget Makes Sippin' COOL!
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We don’t care how gauche it is – when it’s hot outside, we want our wine to be not hot. So the idea of self-chilling wine glasses definitely got our attention. The ones from Andrew Lazorchak, which you can check out at, are things of beauty. They are two-pieced, with the bottom part filled with a “medical grade freezer gel,” and they fit together magnetically. You freeze the bottom doo-hickey, attach it to the top, and voila! You’re chillin’. Love.

There’s even a review of the glass, which tells us the benefits include the fact it doesn’t shatter like glass, making it a good thing to have outside; it doesn’t water down your drink; it saves time and money (ice, bucket for ice, etc. etc. etc.); it’s not messy; you don’t need a coaster, whatever that is; there’s a rubber grip on the glass so your hand doesn’t even get cold; there’s no BPA. Read all about it at




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