Close Shave(d) Ice

Millennial Entreprenuers Take a Look

We are living our dream, but for those Millennials who haven’t quite found that perfect job yet, how’s about an internship and possible franchise in the shaved ice industry? Seriously.

“Kona Ice CEO Tony Lamb sympathizes with Millennials and has initiated a new entrepreneurial internship program designed specifically for these young men and women… The Kona Ice Internship Program is a two-year mentorship program that allows candidates to work off their $20,000 franchise start-up fee. Based on the individual’s geographic location, interns will be paired with a local Kona Ice franchisee to help plan, maintain, schedule, and grow the local operation. Starting as a driver, the intern will work his way up the Kona career path. Find out more at

If you’re from Mars and don’t know the dif, “Shaved ice is not the same as the icy, frozen-solid ‘snow cones’ that you bought from the ice cream truck as a kid. Shaved ice is made by shaving or grating solid blocks of ice into a fluffy, snow-like consistency. The freshly shaved ice is packed down into place – again, like fresh snow – and drizzled with sweet syrups for flavor,” says

If we’ve got your attention and you’re thinking about shaved ice OR snow cones, there’s something you should have. Immediately. You should have it. It’s packaged shaved ice flavors, available in snow cone flavors such as “banana, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, lemon-lime, pina colada, root beer, strawberry, tiger’s blood and watermelon” from the folks

Coolio, eh?




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