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Craft Beer and Local Brew Pubs

When it comes to beer, Millennials favor craft. And with more than 2,500 craft beer brands on the market, we’re swimming in choices. But it’s interesting, because our buds (pun intended) at Mintel wrote a report in 2013 that indicated a couple of things: Craft beer consumers are primarily in our 25-34 year old age bracket, and our reason is that craft beer tastes better than some of the more well-known suds labels. BUT even with all those craft brands available, we tend to order our favorite brand again and again. We’re nothing if not loyal, eh?

Restaurants and pubs that are part of the craft industry have also been part of the 20 percent increase in craft beer sales. Move over, barista; there’s a new barkeep in town. And that revered individual is not always behind a polished mahogany bar downtown, either, thanks to home-brewing kits. If you’re inclined to take that plunge, check out

If you’re more into getting out and making the brew scene, read up at

And to save you time and effort, here’s a handy list of craft beers by city. You’re quite welcome.


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