Do the Hokey Poke ‘n Turn Yourself About

Poke Tuna

To those who say poke is an acquired taste, we say, “We were born this way.” We freakin’ love poke, the Hawaiian rendition of sashimi/sushi that is oftentimes served with rice or as a dip for chips.

It is outrageously flavorful when made with fresh tuna, and like the author of a post at, we would take a heapin’ helpin’ of poke over just about any other fish dish any ol’ time.

Seasoned with spices and sometimes sauces, poke has become very popular. It’s light, less expensive than other similar dishes and will transport your taste buds to a whole new galaxy.

“Recently, popular Orange County-based PokiNometry has been making headlines. The quick-service Chipotle-style poke restaurant allows customers to create custom dishes feature various types of poke.” To which we say, “Hurrah!! And aloha kakou!”

There’s info on poke available at, but basically the word itself means to slice or cut, and traditional poke “consisted simply of fresh cut fish with sea salt, candlenut, seaweed and limu (algae).”

In the 19th century people started adding to the concoction some sweet Maui onion, and from that point on, it became a work in progress.

Now there’s a 21st century poke is a salad that generally includes cubed raw fish – most often tuna — sea salt, seaweed, tomatoes, onions and soy sauce.

“However, with its growing popularity and poke restaurants slowly popping up, there are now several variations of this dish. At Northshore Poke Co. in Huntington Beach, CA, “… patrons may customize their food by selecting their type of fish, flavor, spice level and whether they would like their fish served as a salad or in a rice bowl. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there are also poke nachos and poke tacos.

Or you can go all native and make your own. Here’s the recipe and the link,



2 lb fresh Ahi (tuna steaks), cubed

1 c soy sauce

3/4 c chopped green onions

2 Tbs sesame oil

1 Tbs toasted sesame seeds

1 Tbs crushed red pepper (optional)

2 Tbs finely chopped macadamia nuts


In a medium size non-reactive bowl, combine Ahi, soy sauce, green onions, sesame oil, sesame seeds, chili pepper, and macadamia nuts; mix well.

Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.



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