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Frying your bird is a relatively new fad, but a yummy one.  There are a number of turkey fryers out there, from gas to electric.  Frying your turkey sounds...

Frying your bird is a relatively new fad, but a yummy one.  There are a number of turkey fryers out there, from gas to electric.  Frying your turkey sounds like you are adding a lot of fat to a meal that is fattening enough.  Turkeyfrying.net pointed out that this does not have to be the case, “An increasing number of Americans are finding that a holiday tradition long popular in the South gets a warm welcome from family and friends everywhere: a succulent turkey, deep-fried in 100 percent peanut oil—the second most popular way to cook the bird.  To stick to the Southern flavor, try using the same oil to turn out hush puppies, fried okra, sweet potato fries, and veggie chips, since the flavors won’t transfer with the oil. Peanut oil can safely be reused three or four times before it needs to be replaced. Just let the oil cool completely after use, strain it, and store in a cool place.  Peanut oil has a high smoke point and slightly nutty flavor and the whole process takes about half the time it does to roast a turkey in the oven.  The oil is also trans fat–free, cholesterol-free, low in saturated fats, and high in unsaturated fats, to benefit heart health. The American Heart Association considers peanuts a heart-healthy food and research suggests that peanut oil can even improve cholesterol levels and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.”


I have had the pleasure of trying turkey deep fried, and oh man is it delicious.  There are many risks to cooking the bird this way.  Seriouseats gave great guidelines to follow when frying your turkey, “I’m going to start this with a really important disclaimer: deep frying a turkey is an inherently dangerous undertaking. While there are plenty of precautions that can be taken to minimize the risk, there’s no way to heat up gallons of oil to 350°F using a big propane burner, lower a turkey into it, and be guaranteed not to hurt yourself or others. Let’s start with a few critical points:

Children and pets should be nowhere near a deep-frying setup. There shouldn’t even be the remotest chance that they get anywhere close to it.

Read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings included with your deep fryer, and follow their instruction in all instances in which they deviate from what I’ve written here.

Never use an outdoor frying setup indoors or in any enclosed or covered space, and never use an indoor fryer outdoors.

If you live in a colder climate, plan on being outside in the cold for a couple of hours: responsible turkey fryers do not leave things unattended. (Or find people to relieve you if you want to go back inside.)

Don’t drink and fry.”


Again please be safe and use good judgment when frying anything for that matter, but Edgyplate is seriously impressed with this method of cooking!


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