In the Magical Land of Super Bowl

Superbowl XLIX-Glendale, Arizona

So when it comes to the food scene and Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, is there MAGIC?  There can be. We have some links to Glendale info below, the armchair tours that provide a little history with some where-to-eats and what-to-dos. Glendale itself has lots going on in terms of art, music, the scene. And it’s minutes from downtown Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale. So you’ve got a beaucoup options. Since we like food – like it a lot, in fact – let’s look at what’s happening in terms of simply magical eats.

Of course there’s wonderful Southwestern and Mexican. Goes without saying, really. Glendale/Phoenix et al also serves up some incredible ‘Cue, such as that at Bobby Q in Phoenix. On the “you gotta get it” list are the steak, the ribs and the mac ‘n cheese. Day-um!! Bobby also has signature drinks. What’s not to love?

Poliberto’s in Phoenix has epic Mexican, and the carne asada fries are spoken of in terms more frequently reserved for a lover. Yeah. That good. Also highly recommended are the menudo (if you’re timid about innards, this might just be what changes your mind) and guac. The latter is described as creamy. And yummy.      

The Tandoori Times 2 Indian Bistro is a nice addition to the multiculturalism of the area and is in Glendale proper. Chicken Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, tandoori and a variety of chutneys are authentic and therefore tasty.

You’ll read more about this last one when you go to our link, but this one gets gold stars for creativity for sure. It’s called Aj’s Fine Foods, and it’s an eatery and convenience store with sushi as a claim to fame.

For a look at detailed write-ups and other links, go to

This link,, showcases more dining spots – Italian fabulous and pasta galore, Asian fusion and straight-up Thai and some very inviting-looking Mediterranean.

But man does not live by breadsticks alone, right? And if you aren’t right at the stadium, the Super Bowl is best watched where? Yeah, baby. We’re talkin’ sports bars! If you do make it to Glendale, here’s a great list of bars and pubs that will do one of two thing for you: If your team wins, your elated spirit is sure to be boosted by poured spirits. If your team loses, margarita salt will be rubbed in your wound.

Sixteen establishments’ locations and phone numbers are provided here. It might be a good idea to call ahead and determine which team is favored where.


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