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Korean BBQ, Sushi, Finger Food
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What used to be the punchline of a culinary joke – “kosher Korean BBQ” or the like – is now what we expect as we seek out a good, quick, healthy, authentic and delicious meal. And those who are savvy enough to provide it are reaping the rewards of being a Millennial favorite.

When we say “authentic,” we’re not necessarily pinning the provider down to one ethnicity, either. Kosher Korean BBQ is the real deal. So are sushirritos, sushi prepared in burrito form. So are naanwiches, sandwiches using naan instead of two slices of whatever bread. Korean BBQ tacos get a big thumbs-up, and we love Mexican dumplings, y’all.

Check out these sites for mouth-watering inspiration! and

And if you like to catch up on some reading while you grab a bite, go to

for info. Did you know that restaurant sushi, according to some figures, is made up of 23 percent fish and 62 percent rice while supermarket sushi is 25 percent fish and 58 percent rice?

Another means to an end of hunger when you’re in a hurry is… drum roll…

Finger Foods

In the fine tradition of full monty meals, today’s finger foods take just about anything that you’d see on a dinner plate and transform it into a bite-sized bit to go. For instance, a sandwich can become itty bitty sandwich bites. But it goes a lot further than that, friends.

This link takes you to a cohesive explanation. 

But let’s consider some of the more interesting ways to transform center-of-plate food into on-the-fly are, OK?

This next piece lays it all out nicely.

There’s a restaurant chain in Pennsylvania that has a finger food menu that we love. The story calls it “dashboard dining,” and it’s just cool. Taking such goodies as Mahi Mahi and transforming them into snackies is genius, we think. Of course there are boneless wings and chicken strips, but Rutters, the restaurant, also offers corn bites, jalapeño bites and – be still, pounding heart! – macaroni and cheese bites.

We’ve gone light years beyond noshing bacon-wrapped chestnuts at cocktail parties. We are now into finger-friendly dainties such as arugula bundles, asparagus spears, smoked fingerling potatoes (oh my…), fried okra (likewise), ham cracklings and pigs ears. It’s a crazy good finger food world out there, and has the post to prove it. Go to for outrageous photos of all those goodies and more.





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