French Fries and Milkshakes, a Heaven-Sent Food Group

The Burger Guys take on Wendy's "Dippable" frosty
EdgyPlate's take on Wendy's Frosty and Fries

We thought we were the only ones who considered fresh fries vehicles of delivery for milkshakes, but turns out blogger Lennie Ambrose and Steve Marques, owner of The Burger Guys, are likeminded friends of ours, even though they don’t know us from Adam.

In a post at, Ambrose writes salty fries dipped in a creamy shake is “… the perfect marriage of flavors – and a great opportunity to use the word ‘juxtaposition.’ Maybe my brother and I are the freaks, though. So I asked Houston’s hottest new expert in milkshakes and fries, Steve Marques, one of The Burger Guys, what he thought of the practice.”

Marques answered the phrase “fries in milkshake” by saying, “chocolate, chocolate.” But it turns out there’s a whole cult of us shake-fryers out there. You can go to to read how a Frosty from Wendy’s is pretty much made for riding a fry. Mike Fahey wrote the post in 2012, and it’s pretty darn funny.

“Falling somewhere between the thickness of ice cream and the liquidity of a milkshake, for years the Frosty’s main selling points were the uniquely mellow taste achieved by mixing chocolate with vanilla, and frustration. You cannot sip a Frosty through a straw, and driving with a cup in one hand and a spoon in the other is illegal, or should be illegal. I am not a lawyer.”

He goes on: “Frustration is the mother of invention. Invention married utility and had a child named convenience. Convenience dated a man named Larry Wilson in high school, and Larry came up with dipping salty fries into the chocolate Frosty. It bears mentioning that in 2006 Wendy’s introduced the vanilla Frosty, breaking with 37 years of tradition to appease the whims of white flavor supremacists. What I am trying to say here is that anyone who dips fries in a vanilla Wendy’s Frosty is a racist.”

Well played, Mike. Well played.

One more quick look at the topic at this site: The blogger actually called the taste for fries in shake a “weird food combination.” Nahhhh. A true weird food combination is peanut butter with jelly and jalapenos. And we like that, too.


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