Got kids? Got your July 4 day planned?

Great Party Ideas for Millennial Moms
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Here are some ideas for the small fry while you’re grillin’ and chillin’ – courtesy of the fine folks at, as researched by our very own Millennial Mom Molly. <3!

These activities have all been categorized to age and level of physical activity, but of course it’s up to you as parents to make sure the games are age-appropriate for your guests. Hey, that’s what you get paid the big bucks to do, right?

The site says that “sit-down fun for adults and children word games with patriotic themes are excellent ways to entertain your party guests no matter what age group they may fall into,” and we agree. You can also put out word searches and crossword puzzles that have the Independence Day theme.

A good outdoor game is Red, White and Blue Tag. Each kiddo is given a token that is red, white or blue. Then they run around trying to tag each other. The tagged child gives the tagger his/her token, and the first person to gets one of each color is the winner.

There’s also a sit-down game for all ages and works great when you’re herding the kids to the table for dinner. Everyone sits in a circle, and the designated starter must name something that is red. The next person names something that is blue, and the next person names something white. Players can’t repeat an item, and they can’t take longer than five seconds to come up with something. The game goes on until only one person remains – the winner!

Need something crafty for the young ‘uns to do? How about party decorations?

“Every craft listed below has been tested in our own home, so we know that they will all work as described and will appeal to your children,” the site says. Go to for more.

For crafts, try this site:

You’ll find lots to keep kids entertained, including flags, cards, pinwheels, wearable and edible crafts. It’s a good collection of activities and a great time to talk about the founding of this country and the reason for our patriotism.



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