Grocery Store Deli Eats

Not Bad. Not Bad at All!
Delicious Deli Sandwiches

If you’re a meat-eater but wanting something outside the burger box, perhaps a trip to the deli is called for. You’d be hard-pressed to find a major grocery store that doesn’t have a deli these days – and even those without have fresh deli fare in the cooler. Albertson’s, for instance, has a three-item meal for under $6. We were there recently and got chicken and two sides – great convenience since we have bambinos who love their chicky.

We big people also appreciate the fact that deli stuff can and will run on the more exotic side – ethnicity plays a key role in where we go and what we eat, and delis can be a great meld of flavors and fusions. Think Korean tacos with a shot of Cuban coffee, and you’re in the ballpark.

In our journey through life and food, we’ve found Whole Foods to be a good example of what’s going on in the world of deli stuff, and if you frequent the chain, you know all about its online ordering system. Can’t go wrong there. Here’s the link:

And here’s a quote lifted from the site, shamelessly we might add: “If you haven’t sat down to a meal in one of our stores lately, you’re in for treat. If you have, then you know what we’re talking about. Depending on the size and location of the store, our Prepared Foods departments can include a deli, an ethnic restaurant, burger joint [see? even Whole Foods knows the appeal of a great burger!], neighborhood diner, Parisian café [tres chic!], pizza joint, BBQ shack, sushi or seafood bar, raw foods bar [we think there’s nothing with a face, for you veggie types – but check for sure], taco bar, salad bar, sandwich bar, olive bar and wine bar.”

So far, so very excellent, right?

But wait! There’s more! “If variety alone doesn’t make you take out your napkin and tuck in, here’s the clincher: all of the ingredients are natural or organic and as many as possible are locally grown. That means no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or heart-clogging trans fats. It means the food is pure, fresh, flavorful, and just plain wonderful, produced by farmers who care about quality and their environment. Still not convinced? Okay, how about this. All of our prepared foods are created by trained Team Members under the supervision of an experienced chef, or two, or three, depending on how big the store is and how many dining areas it has. Did that do it? Great. Welcome to Whole Foods Market, now grab that napkin.”


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