Ready to jump on the the Growler bandwagon this summer?
Growler Bottle

Now, this growler thing just might be the ticket for HOT SUMMER NIGHTS, but first things first. Let’s define a growler, shall we? … because some of you might be thinking about, oh, a largish dog (as opposed to a smallish dog, which is a yapper) or an empty stomach or some other, less polite topics we’d rather not address here – much less celebrate.

No, what we’re celebrating now and hopefully for many New Year’s Eves to come in a container used to transport brewery beer from pub to home. Cool, eh?

These wondrous vessels are filled right from the brewmeister’s tap and sealed first with a kiss (we made that up) and then with a twist-off cap. Sometimes plastic wrap us used over the cap. Sometimes the growlers are labeled. They hold, generally speaking, around a half gallon of brew.

Like pony kegs, growlers can be used again and again. Therefore, you often pay a deposit on the container. Filled prices without deposit run a wide range, from less than $5 to more than $15. If you bring your growler back clean, you can sometimes get refills at a lesser price. Refrigerate your growler after opening. And consult the following site for more info:

Different sizes of growlers are out there, and you can also find “filling stations.” Two fun sites are



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