Here Fishy Fishy

Fun at the Fish Market

If you have the very good fortune to live there or are planning a visit or are maybe even wiggling your toes in the sand at this very moment, trying to see your iphone 6’s screen against the glare of the Pacific, you are in close proximity to Maui’s fish markets.

Lucky you. If you are a local, we don’t need to tell you, but if you’re that Other Word, here’s your link:

“Welcome to the Fish Market, where local fishermen bring you the catch of the day, every day! We have some of the freshest fish you’ll find on the island, and we hope you’ll join us for lunch and dinner to taste for yourself!” Got your attention? We thought so. Read on.

Ahi, Mahi Mahi, Opakapaka, Ono, Live Lobsters, Cocktail Platters and more!”

Oh. Poor baby. You’re not in Hawaii at all? But you ARE in Los Angeles. Buck up, Buttercup, because you can visit “King Harbor’s finest seafood market, Quality Seafood, Inc.” It is, according to one of the links we found while searching at, “a historic Los Angeles seafood market that’s been open since 1953.”

Before the redevelopment of the Redondo Beach King Harbor, the there were four seafood markets owned by the Dragich, but they’ve since been combined and relocated to Redondo Beach’s International Boardwalk, where they are “one of the largest retail seafood markets on the West Coast, now known as Quality Seafood.”

If you’re doing the boardwalk thing, be sure to hit one of not all of the top five Venice Beach Snack Shacks. Read about them at Here’s a sample of what you’ll encounter as you cruise: Fish & Chips $8.99; Fish Sandwich $6.99; Calamari $8.99; Clam Strips $7.99; and so on. Reasonable prices, good fishy fare.

East Coasters, you’re in luck too. But you already knew that. On Rhode Island’s Easton Beach, you’re practically swimming in seafood. You can find more menu stuff on a cute PDFed board at


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