Hey, Good Lookin’! Whatcha Got Cookin’?

Date Night Cooking Classes
Date Night Cooking Class-EDGYPLATE

They tell us it’s “wildly popular,” and we think they’re on to something. Date night culinary classes are, um, food for, um um um, thought.

So here’s how it works: You sign up for these small classes, four or five couples max, and a chef instructor will show you how to create something magical in the kitchen.

We’re smitten with http://www.createacook.com/cooking/adults-cooking/date-night-couples-cooking.aspx, which has each couple cooking the entire menu.

“Soup to Nuts, Starters to Desserts. There is no divide and conquer philosphy here. You and your partner will make everything.”

There are themes for the classes, too. You can choose from “Steakhouse, Sushi, French Bistro, Italy, Tapas/Spain, Mexican, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Thai and more!”

Love – with maybe a hint of Pad Thai – is in the air.

Beginners should not be daunted. At http://culinaryclassroom.com/recreational-cooking-classes/ all levels of cookery are reassured of at least a modicum of success with this encouragement, “Are you a beginner? You can cook! Let Chef Eric show you how. Our recreational classes are great for Newlyweds, Couples, Students, and Young Adults.” When you sign up for Couples Romantic / Date Night Cooking Classes, you’re advised to “Bring some wine and a date and have fun learning and cooking together! This is a Party Class ONLY – the Instruction is in the kitchen and you are NOT lectured on all of the recipes. All parties include a gourmet cheese tray to start. Please feel free to bring some WINE for the Class!”

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