How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening Techy Style
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In a word, our garden grows AWESOME. Make that AWESOMELY. 

Home gardeners like us now have some really incredible technology and gadgets to make our veggies and ornamentals hit new heights, and because we’re the awesome peeps that we are, we’re gonna share. 

This is the clearinghouse site we used to access a bunch of stuff: 

First is Edyn-Gardening, which is just way cool. A sensor you place in your soil connects to an app on your mobile device and gives you all the dirt. Literally. Its tracking capabilities include light intensity, humidity, temp and soil moisture, so it’ll ping you if you need to water.  

For Earth Mamas and Papas, yes, you do still get your hands dirty. Insert smoochy Emoticon here. And log in to and/or for more info.  

And the Green IQ Smart Garden Hub on that same page also caught our green-thumb eye. It’s a “device that can help gardeners conserve on outdoor water usage…” with the added function of “… being able to control the garden lighting system.” Conservation and ambience in one fell swoop. We like!



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