I Think We ARE in Kansas, Toto, and It Rocks!!

Dash of Drunken Debauchery
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Lawrence is home of K.U. and an awesome Spring Break atmosphere. Like clockwork (in fact, it IS clockwork if you think about it), the season changes, and all around us the letter “D” reigns supreme – you’ve got your daffodils, your dogwood and, of course, your sunshine vitamin all in abundance.

You might also have just a Dash of Drunken Debauchery, prompting us to advise, “If you can’t walk upright, just roll with it.

Our research department, aka Molly, found a whole stats page that lists the “The 25 Most Hungover Cities in America,” with Lawrence, KS, coming in as numero uno. The post is found at http://www.businessinsider.com/most-hungover-places-in-america-2015-2014-12 and says Lawrence has “a high density of bars and liquor stores.” That shouldn’t surprise historians, as Lawrence is “home to the first post-Prohibition beer brewery in Kansas, Free State Brewing Co., which opened a few months before Boulevard Brewing Co. in 1989.” We’re told that beer in this town isn’t “just a drink — it’s a point of pride.”

Man Vomiting

Which brings us to Spring Break. Everyone knows what to do during SB; we want to give you some hints on how to handle the aftermath “if The Sandbar’s Shark Attack drink comes back to bite you…”

Lawrence has both edible and imbibable remedies, including the Grilled Glazer, a $6 sandwich that   “squeezes a fried-to-order chicken breast between two halves of a toasted maple doughnut,” with cheddar shreds and a choice of sauces at Harold’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, housed in a gas station at 3300 W. Sixth St. It has a drive-through for your convenience.

But Lawrence isn’t ALL about partying. There are some wonderful, educational attractions as well. If you go to http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g38836-Activities-Lawrence_Kansas.html, you’ll find 51 great things to do ranked by on-line reviewers. One such activity is a stroll along Massachusetts Street, rated as “The Best Main Street Around” by one recent visitor. The six-block area is described as “… stores, restaurants and other business the length of downtown Lawrence. College students keep the street busy. Liberty Hall offers movies and other events. Restaurants include pizza, BBQ, sandwiches, bar food and many ethnic choices. Many of the shops are hometown owned. It is quite a street.”

Another highly rated activity – going back to edibles and libations – is a trip to the John Brown Underground, which offers up “phenomenal food in a speakeasy atmosphere.” That caught our attention immediately, and the review was no less than five stars. Reviewer said, “We had the opportunity to sample several of their signature cocktails and they were all excellent.” Also, JBU has, the reviewer said, perfected Tots. Oh, yeah!

Go to   http://www.visitlawrence.com/dining for a very good list of places to dine in Lawrence, including the amazing-sounding au Marche, a “European grocery store specializing in cheese, salami, pate, cookies, coffee, condiments and chocolate.”

Molly tells us that http://travel.usnews.com/Rankings/Best_Cheap_Spring_Break_Destinations/ is a great site for finding the best and most inexpensive Spring Break venues. This list is made up of familiar favorites and some very interesting alternatives. Here’s a quick look: 1. Daytona, with “an abundance of cheap hotels, inexpensive restaurants and plenty of package deals”; 2. South Padre Island, where “even beachfront properties are cheap (especially if you’re sharing a room)”; 3. Santo Domingo, a “Caribbean retreat [that] makes for quite the urban adventure… with numerous attractions and affordable hotels”; 4. Puerto Rico, where “there are plenty of ways to stay entertained, including beaches and a buzzing night scene… [and] affordable accommodations and flights”; 5. Myrtle Beach, a “South Carolina shore town [that] offers an affordable way to experience the sun and sand”; 6. Cancun, home of “festive nightlife, a rollicking party scene and long stretches of beach ideal for lounging”; 7. Costa Rica, where “if you veer away from major tourist areas, you can find affordable digs”; 8. Jamaica, “a mainstay party location for years… [with] plenty of culture to soak up here, along with picturesque beaches, natural attractions and a vibrant night scene”; 9. Dominica, not so much a beach resort but lots of other options, including 300 miles of trails and “competitive hotel and airfare pricing”; and 10. Playa del Carmen, growing in popularity for its “pearly white sands, a huge number of affordable all-inclusive accommodations and inexpensive restaurants.”

If you’re anything like us – and you probably are – you hit Spring Break with your swim togs and maybe two pairs of flipflops in your suitcase. Travel light, right? Molly found this most excellent site that reminds us of things we should consider when planning our trip. It’s a fun read.that looks at price, social amenities, comfort attractions, etc. Take a peek at http://yayaconnection.com/tag/millennials-and-spring-break/.

And we would LOVE to hear from you regarding YOUR favorite Spring Break spot. Maybe share some places to go for good eats, nightlife, lodging? Remember, “Just roll with it.” Smile.





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