It’s not JUST Coffee and Toast

Millennials want the greatest and the latest to make morning pick-me ups and eats
Morning coffee

Did you get a single-cup coffee brewer from Santa? You and a bazillion other lucky ducks did!

Stats show that fully 20 percent of us make our cuppa joe in a single-cup brewer, a huge leap from the measly 7 percent of us who were cool in 2010. Numbers courtesy of go on to show us that daily coffee drinkers who use traditional coffee makers fell from 77 percent in 2010 to 58 percent in 2013. Big drop in just three years, don’t you agree?

And because we have become such coffee snobs, we’re a whole lot more likely to grind our own beans (we’d grow them if we could…) for our single-cup or pod or espresso machines. As a result, we have the big coffee guns working at a feverish pitch to curry favor with us. Kraft Foods, which has Maxwell House coffee brand – you know, Good to the Last Drop – is adding new flavors and is offering us pods. Nice. Do you realize Maxwell House has been around since Teddy Roosevelt was in the Oval Office? (That would be well over 100 years, for those who are not quite sure when Teddy Roosevelt was in office.)

So anyway now there are all these choices in coffee makers. Wanna know which ones are the best in the single-serve category? 

Leave it to technology to take the guesswork out of technology, right? This one site provides reviews and gives specs.

We love the retro, almost Deco, look of the red CBTL Kaldi available at amazon.

Who doesn’t love toast? And now we have portable toasters!

It looks like a big butter knife or maybe a pie server, but this hot – literally – little gadget actually makes toast as you run it over your bread. Granted, you do it one side at a time, so you lose that piping hot quality of old-school toasters, but we have to hand it to Korean designer Been Kim for coming up with this. We do feel compelled to say, “Be careful you don’t burn yourself.” Cord-free charging. High tech as all get-out. and


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