Junky Summer?

Ten easy tips for Millennial Parents
EDGYPLATE-a cute baby boy is eating candy while watching a parade float drive by outside on a sunny summer day

Good Tips for Good Parents, of Which We Know You’re One (or Two or Whatever)

Go to http://www.urbansitter.com/blog/12-ways-to-avoid-the-summer-junk-food-trap/ for additional info.

During the summer it’s all too easy to fall into that junk food routine, but these folks have found some ways to avoid it. We like the way they think.

1. Keep a consistent meal schedule, much like you do during the school year. Kids should eat three square meals with two snacks in between, and they should know that mindless eating throughout the day isn’t smart.

  1. Rather than giving into the ease of convenience snacks that are often processed and loaded with sugar, transform ordinary foods into special summery treats by freezing them. Try frozen grapes, cups or sticks of yogurt, homemade juice pops, and fruit smoothies.
  2. Prepare and keep meals in the fridge for the sitter to feed your kids or for you to pull out instead of hitting the fast food drive-through on your way home from the pool.
  3. Teach your kids about balance. It’s okay to have an ice cream sundae, as long as it’s balanced with healthier choices and plenty of exercise.
  4. Limit sedentary activities like TV and electronics, and get everyone active with activities that take advantage of summertime weather.
  5. Together, search your own kitchen for foods to make an easy, healthy picnic to take on a day-trip or eat in your own backyard.
  6. Give everyone in your family a personalized water bottle to stay hydrated and stay away from the sugary juices, sodas and energy drinks.
  7. Sign your kids up for mini sports camps to stay active and have fun.
  8. Get your kids involved with good food. Take them on a trip to the farmer’s market and use the outing as an opportunity to talk about healthy choices.
  9. Start a garden – even a small container garden for the patio or windowsill – to get kids involved with growing and caring for fruits and vegetables.


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