Keeping It Real

Millennials want the REAL stuff
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Here is the EdgyPlate intro to what we fell will be one of our most popular topic categories.

One trait we Millennials have elevated to an art form is our snootiness about food. We are snooty, and we are proud of it! We like the good stuff – high-end, fair trade chocolate and coffee, cage-free eggs, artisanal cheese and bread, cold-pressed olive oil (local, if at all possible) and homemade pasta from stone-ground flours.

There are plenty of (organic, stone-ground) pie charts to prove we like specialty foods over not-so-special, and research conducted by the Specialty Food Association and Mintel International show that a huge majority of us that do buy specialty foods support companies that practice sustainability. Truth is, we are honestly devoted to sustainability. The way we see it, it keeps us healthier, and it is a step in the right direction to heal the planet. Keeping it real also keeps it clean, right?


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