Kiddie Snacks – Cereal Trying to Make its Way Back

Used to be cereal was THE ultimate kiddie snack. Those days are gone, baby. Gone.
top view of various kids cereals in colorful bowls on wooden tab

Photos actually exist of our parents, Gen Xers born to Baby Boomers, sitting in their high chairs and later on in their boosters, snuggly in their footsie jammies and elbow-deep in O-shaped cereal (plain, multi-grain, fruity or chocolate) while the rest of the fam grazed on Vietnamese spring rolls. Hilarious photos at that.

And now, although they’d love to to pass the O-shaped mantle to another generation (out of high chairs but sometimes known to occupy a coffee shop high stool), experts are saying that cereal has taken a far-back seat to yogurt, granola and even McMuffins.

A study conducted the Mayo Clinic, no less, is posted at, and the upshot is about a decade ago cereal started to take a dive in sales. That dive has steepened of late, per the news from

Don’t blame us. Mom, Dad and/or The Village fed us homemade granola, kale chips and honey sticks instead of colored cereal and Sunny D. Still, it’s kind of a bummer that Millennials are missing out on the kitsch that comes with Cap’n Crunch and Lucky Charms.

Now it appears the cereal big guns are cruising right past Millennials with their new marketing campaigns, focusing instead on the Xers and Boomers and hoping to tug on their heart strings with old school cereal memories and hoping they’ll influence kids and grands. You never know. It might catch on. Next party might feature a big bowl of Chex Mix with pretzels. Or not.


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