Looks Sexy-Tastes Good

When cooking at home, taste AND preseantation matters

There are scores of tricks to keep your table looking good, but probably the best is to add color. If you keep your meals monochromatic, your appetite will be just about the same. Bleh. But if you liven things up with lots of colors – reds and oranges and purples and greens for peppers and purple for eggplant we all know. You can go crazy with what’s in the produce department these days – red and orange beets, purple and yellow carrots, deep wine-colored heirloom tomatoes, yellow and green and variegated summer squashes. And there are specialty minis – corn and squash and other items – that really capture not just the intention of taste but also the whimsy. It’s Van Gogh and Monet and Pollack. Another thing is you can “plate” the food for an absolutely amazing presentation. We found this site to help.


While you want a lively composition, you do not want a cacophony. So even if the plate is a-pop with color, keep it clean. Here’s a good site for tips on presentation.




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