MEAT! It’s What’s for Lunch.

Beef. Pork. Ostrich. Bison. Turkey.
Have a Paleo Dinner!

It’s like they read our minds! This next post on absolutely nails our love for meat. We know; we know. There are those among us that refuse to eat anything that has a face. And we respect your right to hold that opinion about faces and live that meatless (dare we save flavorless? we dare!) lifestyle. We, however, are going to keep on loving our big ol’ slabs of beef/pork/ostrich/bison/turkey served on buns with all the trimmings. And, yes, thank you very much. We would like fries with that. (Zucchini and/or green beans fries would be nice…)

There are multiple tabs for info on different aspects of burgers, including the type of meet, prep methods, spicy v. not spicy, various ethnic twists (Asian flair, etc.), but our fave is the tab for the aforementioned sides. Here’s a cut and paste, and as always, you’re welcome:

“Zucchini fries – deep-fried, dusted with herbed parmesan cheese and served with a zesty ranch sauce;

Green bean fries – breaded green beans served with a creamy blue cheese or Caesar dressing [yes!];

Frickles – dill pickle chips deep-fried and served with cool sour cream or garlic aioli dip [be still, oh pounding heart!];

Baked jicama sticks – a healthy alternative to fries that’s easily oven-baked and seasoned to crispy perfection;

Parsnip fries – take regular old fries to the next level with parsnips instead of potatoes for upscale appeal;

Sweet potato fries remain a stellar seller.

Consumers still have yet to tire of the French fry’s more nutritious cousin: the sweet potato fry. Appealing to more health-conscious diners, sweet potato fries can be served in either a sweet or savory application, depending on seasoning and sauces. Try a cinnamon-pecan aioli dipping sauce to achieve a sweeter flavor profile, or a spicy adobo sauce to hit the savory end of the spectrum.

*Source: Technomic, “The Burger Consumer Trend Report,” 2011”

Our personal preferences on the meat end of the stick is spicy. Turn up the heat; we love spicy. Has to do with our Mima and the whole Cubana thing, most likely. The bigger variety of peppers and the heftier the pile-on, the happier we are. We also love little, as in sliders. The petite burgers are less messy, and they help us maintain our ladylike appearances. As if.

And this,, cemented you in our BFF book: “Burgers for brunch? You bet.

Wild mashups are taking burger menus by storm – and not just in terms of flavors. When breakfast, lunch and dinner dayparts collide, you end up with out-of-the-box concepts like brunch burgers. Not only are brunch sales steadily growing, but consumers are more comfortable seeing dinner items on late-morning menus – especially when they’re reimagined in new ways.”

Those “ways” include but are not limited to: “Use glazed doughnuts in place of bun halves and top your patty with a fried egg and two strips of bacon

Top your burger with Bloody Mary ingredients like mayo spiked with hot sauce, olive mix, greens and mustard vinaigrette, and serve with a tall glass of tomato juice

Mix spicy andouille or chorizo sausage into your burger patty before cooking and top with sharp cheddar and savory condiments such as tomato marmalade.”




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