Millennials Demand More Than Just Fast

Good food, good price, big selection and – yes – healthy

Last year published a piece about Mickey D trying to reach Millennials. Seems the granddaddy of fast food chains had not even cracked the top 10 restaurant chains among this demographic. What to do; what to do?

McWrap, natch. Three takes on chicken rolled out the wrap, and the menu has expanded to at least seven. Did the campaign win us over? Mmmmmm….. maybe.

Chick-Fil-A is another chain wooing us Millennials, offering some low-cal healthy options like          Grilled Market Salad, Asian Salad and Cobb Salad along with a variety of wraps. KFC jumped on the train with boneless wings, too. Here’s the take that was posted in 2013.

We are becoming less inclined to eat just whatever but still like the speed and convenience of fast food locations. What we want is what we want, and when we want to grab something fast, this is what we’re going for: Good food, good price, big selection and – yes – healthy. Is that so much to ask?

OK, so maybe we played in the big plastic tubes when we were munchkins, when we didn’t know a french fry from an apple pie. We were loyal to the best indoor recreation experience – who had the tallest, the most-as-we-perceived-it dangerous? Which place was filled with kids, and which was an echo chamber?

Healthier menus, great taste, no secret sauces, a total absence of transfats, reasonable drinks (we don’t need a gallon of cola, no matter who says we do) and change back from our ten. That’s our quest.

This next link is pretty cool and has more links to more fast food places, including but not limited to Krispy Kreme.

Are there fast food places we approve of wholeheartedly?

There are some, yes. Chipotle and Five Guys, with their healthier menus, are two we like. Moe’s Southwestern. Panera. Pho chains. Two links give you some insight. They’re after us – big time.;


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