Millennials LOVE to Green It Up

Stats say seventy-seven percent of 18- to 24-year-olds are planning to celebrate St. Patty's Day

Nothing says St. Paddy’s Day quite like drinking green beer, unless it’s revisiting that beer at a later hour. Ugh.

Here’s some info we found regarding St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green so you don’t get pinched and, oh yeah, drinking. “A survey conducted by Worthington-based Prosper Insights and Analytics for the National Retail Federation found that Millennials are particularly fond of the day.”

Really, Sherlock? Tell us more. “Seventy-seven percent of 18- to 24-year-old respondents are planning to celebrate in some way, and 90 percent of them are planning to wear something green.”

So it would seem that major marketers are hip to the sales potential amongst us Millennials on St. Patrick’s Day. Last year projections were for consumer spending in this country would hit nearly $5 billion on March 17. No small potatoes, that. Bearing that number in mind,, poured forth suggestions on how to appeal to our market segment. Miller Lite has seen the, uh, light and offers free rides.

“As we see the evolution of St. Paddy’s into a Drinking Day, many bars and restaurants take advantage to pull consumers in with beer promotions and party events…” and so in cooperation with the Milwaukee County Transit System, “… the Original Lite Beer and Beer Capitol Distributing provides free bus rides on this day as a safe transportation alternative.” They didn’t create the deal just for us, but we applaud them nonetheless, as “The program has been ongoing for 21 years, benefiting nearly 750,000 people.” Read all about it at

Celebrating in style

If you’re Irish one day a year like some of us here at EdgyPlate, com, you don’t know where ALL of the great Irish pubs are located. For that single purpose, we are treating you to which provides you with the top 10 best in the entire country. Included are Doyle’s Cafe in Boston, open since 1882; the Harp in Cleveland; the Irish Bank in San Fran; the Irish Oak in Chicago; Kelly’s Irish Times in D.C.; the Marlay House in Decatur, GA; McGillin’s Olde Ale House in Phillie; Ri Ra Irish Pub in Las Vegas; Tom Bergen’s Tavern in L.A.; and Wilfie and Nell in NYC. Each has its own signature charm, and each is authentic – at least that’s what we have read on the page.

Now, our devoted researcher Molly has gone way above and beyond the call of duty in venturing out and trying Jameson’s Pub on a lunch date with her beau, John, and she reports the two of them “loved loved loved it!!!” with THREE exclamation marks. ! The sample menu shows why, and we think, in chorus, that any place that serves prime rib sliders is !!! good. Go to to read and maybe make a reservation.


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