My Fork. It’s Alive!

HAPIfork. Chewing ingenuity.

What could be better than an electronic fork that monitors one’s eating habits? Maybe one that cooks, but we don’t have that quite yet. What we do have is the HAPIfork, which “alerts you with the help of indicator lights and gentle vibrations when you are eating too fast.” Our Christmas list for next year has just been filled. How many (mostly, and we’re sorry, but the truth hurts) guys do you know who inhale rather than chew? So annoying. Anyway, go to

This helps us as well, tracking our eating habits for weight loss. Remember the cheesecake? Well, next time there’ll be a HAPIfork to tell us how long it took us to eat, the number of fork servings per minute (we cannot wait to gift that special someone with this) and the time in between servings. If you dare, you can upload the info to an app via USB or Bluetooth to show you what you’re doing. We’re a little edgy over that idea, because if we’re hacked… you get the picture. Still, it’s a very clever device, and we love the forced discipline.

As for reviews, we went to and saw the following: One user said the fork came apart, and completely by accident he/she figured out how to get it back together and use it properly; one user said it was the best thing ever and did, indeed, force discipline; one user said the device came without instructions, and he/she couldn’t get it started (LOL); and one user said he’s happy with the HAPIfork and actually configured other dietary/fitness devices to the HAPIfork dashboard. Impressive!


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