Pops Rock!

And now, for the recipe you've been holding your breath to see. It's... drum roll, please...

K, we get it. Cake pops are today’s cupcakes, and yes, they’re yummy, and yes, they’re portable. And, yes, this next site is inspiring: www.millennialentrepreneurs.com/the-power-of-a-cake-pop/. The story, in short: “Mishika Narula started her business, Power of Pops, in 2011. She started selling cake pops to help children with disabilities. Her cousin, who had disabilities, was her inspiration for starting her business. All the money that she raises goes towards The Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA), but she wants to someday soon start her own non-profit that benefits children with disabilities. So far her accomplishments include raising $20,000 for an event called ‘Strikes for NSSRA’, also raising enough money, between the months of January and April, to send three children to a summer camp.”

And now, for the recipe you’ve been holding your breath to see. It’s… drum roll, please…

Carrot Cake Pops

Which Molly says are, and we quote, “Yum Yum Yum.”



1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ carrot cake mix

Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box

½ c grated carrot

½ c Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy cream cheese frosting (from 1-lb container)

4 cwhite candy melts or coating wafers (24 oz)

2 Tbs shortening

50 paper lollipop sticks

1 c finely chopped toasted walnuts

Block of plastic foam


Make and bake cake mix as directed on box for 13×9-inch pan, using water, oil and eggs and adding grated carrot.


Line cookie sheet with waxed paper.

Crumble cake into large bowl.

Add frosting; mix well.

Shape into 1-inch balls; place on cookie sheet.

Freeze until firm; keep refrigerated.

In microwavable bowl, microwave candy melts and shortening uncovered on Medium (50%) 2 minutes, then in 15-second intervals, until melted; stir until smooth.

Dip tip of 1 lollipop stick about 1/2 inch into melted candy and insert stick into 1 cake ball no more than halfway.


Return cake pops to cookie sheet.

Refrigerate 5 minutes.

Remove from refrigerator a few at a time.

Dip each cake ball into melted candy to cover; tap off excess.

Immediately dip top in walnuts, pressing to adhere.

Poke opposite end of stick into foam block.


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