What’s Up with B&B’s? BOOYAH & BLISS!

When just another hotel won’t do.
Romantic Couple Holding Hands Under Duvet In Bed

Normally, we like good hotel living. Really. We like having someone else make our bed, bring us clean towels and run the Dyson over the trail of Doritos chips we leave. Hey, we even like the chocolate-chip-cookie-scented room freshener hanging heavily in the lobby when we arrive. Most of all, we love the anonymity and the muffled quiet.

But there are those times our auditory modality misses the tortured whine of a coffee grinder and inner anguish can only be soothed with freshly baked cinnamon rolls – and you know what that means.


One simply cannot understate the charm of a lovingly restored old home – or mansion, even – and the little touches that set it apart from even the fivest of five-star chains. Invariably each room is decorated differently from the one next to it, usually in period pieces that reflect the heyday of the structure. If Gothic gives you comfort a la, you know, vampires and stuff, there’s that. If you’re all about dreamy pastels and florals, goodness sakes you’ll find a bunch of those Victorian lovelies. There’s the Downton Abbey kind of elegance. Rustic mountain lodges. Yeehaw Western décor. Native Southwestern. Poirot deco. Seaside. Mountaintop. Down in the valley. In the heart of the city. In the middle of nowhere. In the branches of a tree. We are so serious.

Best of all, the service and attention you receive is absolutely all about you. Privacy? You got it. Coffee, muffins and such with the other guests? You got it? Garden settings? Pretty much you got it, even if it’s xeriscaped, Zen in its simplicity or the drooping branches of that tree we mentioned.

And as the second B in B&B implies, breakfast is always provided. It’s like having Mom around without having to hide your boyfriend/girlfriend in the closet.

You’ll find B&B choices are as varied as those of chains, and you won’t regret switching it up if you are on the road a lot or planning a break from whatever.

Should you need further convincing, doubting Thomases, here’s a good link that will ‘splain some things to you: http://enlightenme.com/top-10-benefits-bed-and-breakfast/

Also, if you think we’re exaggerating about the sweet surroundings, check out this Foodandwine.com link that shows some of the best choices in B&Bs:



Oh, poor baby. Can’t get away this very moment? Well, if you have some bacon handy, you CAN create the feel, smell and taste of a B&B in your very own home. It’s a little something called Grande Anne Mustard Bacon, and it’s served in the Grande Anne in Keokuk, Iowa. Interestingly the recipe does not specify an exact quantity of bacon, to which we say, “Enjoy!” Here’s where you find them on line: http://www.bbonline.com/recipes/grandanne-3168.html

Grand Anne Mustard Bacon


1 ½ tsp ground mustard

¼ c. brown sugar

1/8 tsp ground cinnamon

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

Good dash cayenne pepper


Spread baking dish with strips of lean bacon. Sift above mixture onto bacon. Drizzle slight amount of honey onto each piece of bacon. Bake at 350 until your bacon goodness reaches desired crispness. Note that bacon will brown very fast at the end of the baking time because of the sugar content.


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