Roll Out the Barrel

Aged Spirit Kits
EDGYPLATE-Whiskey and oak barrel on a black background

All righty then! We think this is an idea whose time has come, the new Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit that promises to “quickly barrel age your vodka, gin, rum, and other spirits in just 1-2 weeks. Just drop the 2 included charred oak staves into the bottle of booze, seal it up, let it age, and take optional small samples along the way. When it’s finished aging, simply strain it through the cheesecloth and enjoy the newly imparted intense oak flavor and aroma. Makes a cool gift too.” Ya think? We know only a few thousand of our peeps who’d love this baby. Find it at

Another site,, gets a little more detailed, saying, “Each day, the color, flavor and aromas of the spirit change. The longer the staves sit, the bolder the flavor gets, with spirits usually hitting a sweet spot after 10-15 days. Once the aged spirit is to your liking, simply strain it through the provided cheesecloth, and enjoy!” Thanks, and we will!



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