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Pita Pockets
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Riddle us this, Batpeeps: What starts off as a flat moon of dough and — hey diddle diddle – is transformed by griddle magic into both a dish AND a spoon?

Pita pockets. Yep.

From the convenience standpoint, there’s nothing on God’s green earth that beats pita pockets. In and of themselves, they’re freakin’ yummy. We can eat copious quantities toasted and slathered with cultured butter. But open those babies up and stuff them with falafel filling, burrito beans and cheese or leftover spaghetti and you have yourself not just a pocket but a whole purse full of dinner that doesn’t slop over, doesn’t leak out, doesn’t fall apart into a jillion crumbs.

Oh, pita, we love you. And for our friends from Mars who don’t know you, we provide this: “Pita is a Middle Eastern flatbread made primarily with wheat flour, water, and yeast. Small rounds of dough are rolled flat and then quickly baked either in a hot oven or on a griddle. As water in the dough turns to steam, it puffs the thin

bread sky-high and creates that pocket we all know and love.”

If you want to brush up on your pita patter, go to

If you want to eat well on the fly and yet… and yet… lose an lb or two, consider the Pocket Diet, which was designed to work with a six-inch pita bread. We would not kid you about this.

“The best choice for the 
Pocket Diet are Kangaroo Pockets for the following reasons: Consistently shaped 6-inch pocket breads are pre-cut and pre-opened. Perfect sized halves make them very easy to fill without tearing. Kangaroo Pockets hold the correct portion size for all the Pocket Diet recipes.”

You can find the “Salad Pockets” label in more than 3,000 grocery stores nationwide. Look in the deli or bakery sections, and in 1,500 Walmart Supercenters you’ll find them in front of the deli case.

The “Salad Pockets” label are sold in over 3,000 grocery stores, in the Deli, or fresh bakery section. The “Pre-Opened Pocket Bread” label are sold in over 1,500 Walmart Supercenters, in front of the deli case. Read more about the product at, and for a perfect light and delish pita meal on the go, try this recipe from

Pita Pocket with Cheese

Ingredients and Directions in One Fell Swoop:

Steam a bunch of spinach and mushrooms. Grill some onion. Slice yellow peppers and tomatoes. Pull out the Boursin cheese
and Dijon Vinaigrette dressing. Heat your pita pockets. Spread the cheese inside the pocket, toss together the spinach, mushrooms, onion, peppers and tomatoes in the Vinaigrette. Fill, serve and fly, baby.



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