Coffee so cool it’s absotively, posilutely HOT

Not your average wake up call

Siemens Connected Coffee Maker

You get your coffee and espresso from bean to cup in single touch. The heating system is called “senso flow,” and the brewing technique is “aroma pressure steam.” You betcha. There is a “high-value ceramic grinding unit” that’s named the “silent ceram drive.” We love things with their own names. We do!

So a the aromaDouble shot is extra-strong coffee “without compromise,” and – get this! – you can brew two cups simultaneously. Not a pot that goes tepid, and not a cup sitting in wait while the second one brews. Oh no. This baby has it all.

There are two grinding and two brewing cycles and something called a “pre-brewing function.” You can look it up.

A milk frother has a suction function and three whirl chambers for “ideal milk froth.”

We knew we were in love, really and true and quite possibly for the first time ever, when we read this: “’one touch function’ for: latte macchiato and cappuccino, milk coffee and a personalized ‘My Coffee’ function.” We’re not sure we fully understand it all, but who truly understands love?

The auto valve system switches automatically between steam and hot water. The water pump has 19 bar pressure (for the baristas who speak the lingo), the coffee outlet and milk nozzle are height-adjustable, and the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

You think we’re finished? Honey, we’re just getting started on this gadget to end all gadgets. Why, it could be the gadget to end all pointless relationships, if you know what we mean.

There is, on the Siemens, a button to push that releases the entire appliance out of its chassis, should you want to do that for some reason. If you’re blood-connected to your smart device, you’ll be comforted to know the coffee maker has a high-quality LCD display, and you can program it in a selection of languages. Merveilleux, baby. Merveilleux.

If you’re prone to not paying attention, don’t stress. That LCD display lets you know when the bean container and water tank are empty. In fact, it warns you when either is getting close to being empty.

Here’s Siemens’s page for the coffee machine and some other very intriguing appliances. Enjoy.

This next site looks at a variety of new technology, including the Siemens’s slice of heaven and the HAPIfork, and spells out to us in plain English (and maybe French, if you do a little poking around) that “Siemens isn’t in the business of making kitchen gadgets. It’s creating the makeup of the actual kitchen infrastructure itself.” Yes, our techno-touchy babies, Siemens has a “slew of appliances that are connected to a single app. This coffee maker is a part of that. Push a button on your phone beside your bed and you’ve got your morning espresso ready to go.”

It’s pricey, but all things considered, worth every penny. If you don’t have the ready cash yourself, go in with a friend and share custody.


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