Social Media Driving How We Choose to Eat Out

When it comes to dining-That social media connection cannot be overstated
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There’s a fascinating piece by BCG, Boston Consulting Group, in its Perspectives that looks at Millennials and what appeals to us in a variety of arenas. Social media is examined as a means to an end. Here’s a snippet about Dining Out, with a link to the online PDF:

Millennials are described as a “growing presence on the casual-dining scene,” … and restaurants are well-advised to use the following tips to bring us in: Faster service; ready-to-eat options; fast-casual formats; happy hour. Ah. Also, late-night offerings. Bar experiences.

(To which we ask, “?”)

The study also suggests innovative services for big groups – things like reservation-sharing apps, check-in from mobile device; separate checks, plate-sharing and the like.

New food and bebida combos using the aforementioned artisan/organic/rustic approach. Local ingredients are always looked at with interest. And technological enhancements – online reservations, etc. And, yes, social media promotions. Limited-time-offers are good – if, that is, they are bumped up by a value price. So pitch the menu, pitch your new winter soup line – artisan potato and cheese, caramelized onion, rustic bean and crusty bread – and sell them by the mugful at a terrific price. Now you’ve hooked us, particularly if you post a pic of said crusty bread on Facebook.

Oh, and like we said, “Hire us.” BCG says the same thing. We know from whence we speak. Now, here’s that link:

That social media connection cannot be overstated, with some restaurants and chains employing people just to handle that part of the advertising and marketing. Nose Dive is one such case – the Greenville, SC, eatery hired one Jordan Craft for social media oversight, and he is in charge of posting the Burger of the Day as well as upcoming events for the Millennial fave. Craft is quoted as saying social media takes advertising to a new level, one of guest interaction. Check out the story posted at greenvilleonline:


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