Stuff To Avoid – An Ounce of Prevention from Millennial Mom

The list may surprise you.

So we all know there are things our kids shouldn’t chow down on. They’re not in and of themselves spawn of the devil or anything, but these are items the experts say either to limit or to avoid giving to kids. Our source is, and you can read more there.

1. Microwave popcorn. Up until about five years ago, I had never even heard of perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA. It’s the chemical used to line the bags of microwave popcorn so that they don’t catch on fire.

2. Processed meats. Hot dogs, bologna, SPAM, and other forms of processed meats may sound like kid-friendly foods, but they are loaded with fat, nitrates, sodium and preservatives — all things that are very unfriendly for kids.

3. Canned tomatoes. OK, this one may surprise you. But by now you’ve probably heard all about BPA, or bisphenol-A, the chemical additive found in everything from soft plastics to cash register receipts, to canned foods.

4. Kids’ yogurt. Yogurt is a wonderfully healthy food for kids. Kids’ yogurt not so much. That’s because it’s so loaded with artificial colors and sugar that it negates any health benefits the original food might contain.

5. Sports drinks. Unless your kids are exercising heavily on a hot day, there really is no need for them to drink sports drinks. Experts say doing so may make them even less likely to choose water at other times of day because it will taste so bland in comparison. If they are thirsty, offer water.

6. Sugary cereals. There is no aisle more appealing to kids than the cereal aisle. With its rainbow of colors and variety of cartoon characters, sugary kids cereals are probably some of the most begged for foods in the supermarket. But don’t fall for labeling that claims these foods are “whole grain” or contain “extra fiber.” Brightly colored bit of oats or rice are not healthy, and no amount of sprayed on vitamins or extra fiber will make them so.”


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