Party Favorites for Kids

Pigs in a football and more

Hey Millennial Moms! Get those kids pumped up for Super Bowl with fun and edible party ideas!  You don’t have to admit it, but you’ll LOVE them too!

This, as you might suspect, is a variation on the pigs-in-a-blanket theme we all loved when we were little. You use hot dogs and crescent roll dough. Can’t hardly go wrong, and it can’t possibly be easier. Just be sure you cut those dogs into bite-sized pieces.


1 package crescent roll dough

1 package mini hotdogs or sausages

Ketchup, mustard or other condiment of your choice

Plastic knife or thin popsicle stick for making football stitches in dough


Preheat oven according to dough package directions.

Roll each hot dog piece or mini dog in a piece of dough. Leave enough room at the ends to close.

Press ends of dough into pointed oval football shape.

Gently carve “stitches” on the top of each pig in a football.

Bake according to dough package directions. Cool and serve with favorite condiment.

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If you’re doing Jell-O shots, you’ll want something a little less powerful for the kiddos. Might we suggest Slush Punch, which is found here:


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