• Editors Picks

    Brinner is a Winner

    Growing up, breakfast for dinner was always on the weekly menu.  It was easy and oh so good.  Well, folks, it now has an official name, “brinner.”  It makes sense, breakfast + dinner= brinner.  It appears...
    April 28, 2016 1985 0
  • Appetizers

    De Nada, Empanada

    This is the perfect food to eat on the fly.  My neighbor is a complete rock star when it comes to empanadas, and of course I get a ton when she does exercise her culinary genius. ...
    March 2, 2016 1389 0
  • Editors Picks

    It’s Tradition

    Traditional pubs are coming back in full force with our generation.  You can’t beat traditional beer and awesome food in a laid back atmosphere.  Technomic reported, “Technomic has been watching an interesting trend emerge out of...
    March 2, 2016 914 0
  • Appetizers

    Yes. We Double-Dip

    For as long as we’ve been eating dip, we’ve been hit with propaganda that it’s loaded with fat and dairy and stuff our dreadlocked contingent might refer to as “crap.” Buzzkills that they are. Not to...
    January 22, 2016 1293 0
  • Appetizers

    You’re So Cheesy

    When I was a kid, I was always particularly weirded out by the cheese ball on the appetizer table.  I was thirteen when I finally tried the nut covered ball, OMG was it heaven!  I didn’t...
    November 19, 2015 842 0
  • Editors Picks

    Gross OR Great

    We have to say, this video is on target! We AGREE! Pretty entertaining! Who Wins? Watch and find out!      ...Read More
    August 10, 2015 1109 0
  • Entrees

    Under Wraps!

    Here’s a little tidbit published at and posted by Jeff Fromm. Good read. Food for thought. Punsters that we are. “In the past month, several QSRs and fast casual restaurants have announced menu changes targeted...
    June 16, 2015 974 0
  • Food on the Fly

    Cheese Sticks or String Cheese for Big People

    The folks at Baker Cheese had a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum: How could they produce and package their mozzarella for one-person cheese breaks? The Wisconsin cheese company (like there’s some other kind, right?), nearly 100...
    June 8, 2015 1331 0
  • Cool Recipes

    Glamping Anyone?

    To Sleep in the Backyard Treehouse or a Thatched Hut on a Fiji Beach? And Where to Eat Breakfast?  So here’s the deal, according to We Millennials like our outdoor fun, but don’t particularly like...
    May 19, 2015 1241 0
  • Editors Picks

    Get Ready for March Madness

    Arena Food! Knowing that basketball fans really do eat more than chicken fingers, 90-wt-smothered nachos and relish-laden hot dogs (although they still love those items) it would appear that NBA owners are expanding their concession stands...
    March 17, 2015 722 0
  • Cool Recipes

    Cauliflower and Other Flu Fighters

    No matter how healthy we live in our own enclosed environment, the world around us is a freakin’ petri dish. So our kids are always going to be exposed to colds and flu and yucky stuff....
    March 12, 2015 1271 0
  • Its a Trip

    Go Packers! Go Cheese!

    We love the Seahawks too, but how’s about Green Bay, Cheeseheads or whatevers?  Even if you’re not a Packers fan and you’re cheering for Seattle this weekend, don’t say so, for crying out loud! Just suck...
    January 16, 2015 1991 0
  • Lets Go Out

    More than melted cheese

    Back in the day “fondue” meant one of two things, cheese and chocolate. Each, while representing goodness itself, was melted and pretty much nothing else. Today is a different day, and at The Melting Pot, a...
    December 23, 2014 816 0