Techno Kitchen

Just in the nick of time for the joyfully hectic holiday season are these techno-cool jewels

Smart Knife for brilliant prep 

Conceived by South Korean Millennial Jeon Chang dae , the Smart Knife design is SO techno-cool that we’re afraid to jinx it by saying, “Woah!” Dae submitted the concept to Electrolux Design Lab for the brand’s annual worldwide innovative product design competition. Sorry to say Smart Knife didn’t make the final (wait for it…) cut, but we’re betting the issues dae’s idea addresses will propel this futuristic blade forward. 

So here’s what it’s intended to do, and we’ll leave it to you to find dae on Facebook and LinkedIn and say, “Great idea!!” With sensors and a system embedded on its tip, Smart Knife “reads” ingredients of food components and relays them to the user on the blade’s screen. We are so serious. It senses freshness, i.e. whether or not any decomposition has set in, AND it helps keep the food fresher longer because it emits negative ions that block bad mojo. The negative ions also have water molecules that cover the surface of the food, helping to prevent oxidation and keeping meat and fish and veggies fresher longer.

Food Ninja and then some

This is a line of multi-purpose (and therefore multi-tasking) kitchen appliances that get you from point A to point B far more quickly agilely (is that a word, we wonder?) and with fewer four-letter utterances than the blenders and food processors of yore. What’s more, the appliances are demoed on the Ninja web site, where you’ll also find grocery lists for recipes, nutritional info and even a cozy little chat room. Visit

for a look at how this makes prep and even clean-up ultimately easier. And for reviews, go to You can run a quick price comparison and reviews while you’re on Amazon, or go to



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