Tiny Dancer

Try a little Salsa, Baby!
Salsa Dance Floor-EDGYPLATE

Think about salsa dancing and more specifically dancing at a salsa club!

Since our Mima was the tiniest little Cuban lady to rock the rhythm, we are able to speak to the dance. Let’s just say Mima was a smokin’ li’l Latin.

The writer imparts some bits of wisdom about going to a salsa club, all of which are valid. She says to be “willing to discover what you don’t know.” That’s basic in about every aspect of life, yes?

It’s a good read, at http://whymillennialsmatter.com/what-a-salsa-club-taught-me-about-life-brianna-mercado/, and writer Brianna Mercado described being taught by a friend who has been dancing salsa for a while.

“She held my hands tightly, showing me the basic steps and rhythm. Naturally, I freaked out. My thoughts were: What am I doing? What if people are watching me? I must be terrible. I really have no idea what I am doing or what I look like doing it…

But then I remembered my reason for being there. My mission was to explore and learn something new- not to impress anyone.”

Well, there you go.

We’re not so great at salsa, and it’s doubtful we will ever make it to DTWS, but we have fun. Brianna, too, found her groove thing, and she says, “Don’t take life to seriously. Smile. I was probably smiling the laughing at myself for the majority of the night. When I sat down, I noticed that the ‘best dancers’ where not necessarily the ones with amazing technique, but the ones committed to their movement and having a good time.”






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