“Take Out” Fabulous

Not just pizza anymore

According to a 2014 study by the Hartman Group, available for perusal at http://www.hartman-group.com/acumen/millennials-eating-out-trends-2014-06-5.pdf , 36 percent of Millennials order take-out each week. That number seems to stay static. As a generation we have cut back in actually going out to eat, down from 60 percent of us dining out once a week in 2011 to 40 percent of us now. But we continue to make up the largest age group of both restaurant diners and take-out consumers, which is something to chew on.

So if we’re not limited to pizza anymore (that doesn’t mean we can’t still order it, you know), what are our options for fast, good and, yes, healthy? This oh-so nifty web site www.foomanchew.com/blog/reasons-ditch-take-pizza-and-eat-chinese-food/ provides some great suggestions for “restaurants that produce the finest and tastiest Chinese food, so you know that you’re consuming a delicious meal designed to pump you up!”

Baba ganoush to go? Give this site a whirl: http://eat24hours.com/?gclid=CPCn64fkp8ICFY0AaQoddFgAnA. From Chinese to Indian, Thai, sushi, sandwiches. etc., we have all take-out and delivery options alpha-listed nationwide by state and then by city with, of course, a mobile app to consult when we’re on the fly. The selection is mind-boggling, and the convenience is far more enhanced that just, “Do you want fries with that?”

Marc Halperin at QSR has a great piece on the new value placed on various ethnic foods and the authenticity Millennials have come to expect. Vindaloo gotta taste like vindaloo even if it’s from a push cart. BUT there’s also the merry fusion that has come up with dishes like Sushirritos, sushi in a burrito suit, or naanwiches, or any number of other hybrids. As you nosh on hummus and Fritos, be entertained with his work at http://www.qsrmagazine.com/marc-halperin/fulfilling-generation-next.



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