Veg Out

Drink your vegetables!
Carrot-Mimosas-EdgyPlate Millennial cocktail

Mom always told us – she is still telling us, as a matter of fact – to eat our vegetables. So fine. We will.

If we are reading this correctly at, our imbibing a big glass of vodka and cucumber ought to make Mom smile.

“It’s easy to eat your veggies when they come with a buzz. Seasonally-minded mixologists are increasingly using produce like kale, peas, carrots and cucumbers, adding them to vodka, tequila and rum. Not only do these vegetables offer interesting flavor combinations, but some bartenders believe these juiced-up cocktails might actually be… healthy?” We are on our way out the door, to seasonal restaurant Colonie in Brooklyn Heights where we hope to sample a Cool Hand Cuke cocktail, fashioned from fresh-squeezed cucumber juice, organic cucumber vodka and mint syrup.” We’ll report in. Hic.

There’s more compelling evidence at , if you actually need to be compelled at this point.

And for a healthy brunch, why not mix up the following? Molly found it at Not that she was really looking or anything…

Carrot Mimosa


⅓ to ½ c chilled carrot juice (either freshly pressed or a bottled brand such as Bolthouse Farms)

½ c dry sparkling wine (such as Prosecco)

Carrot stems or parsley sprigs (for garnish)

Directions like you need them

Add carrot juice and sparkling wine to a champagne glass.

Garnish with carrot stems or parsley sprigs and serve immediately.





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