Wanna at Least Feel Cool? Go to a Secret Bar…

A trend revisited

When Elliot Ness and dinosaurs roamed the earth, the only way to enjoy a cocktail with one’s friends under the cloak of secrecy at home (sacramental wine or medicinal alcohol were the drinks available) or at a speakeasy – a secret bar that sold liquor illegally and kept its patrons’ identities secret. More or less.

Hard to imagine in this day of bottled ‘tails and keggers, but Prohibition was the law of the land from 1920 to 1933.

Of course we of the Millennial milieu tend to find the cool factor in strange places, and so it is with the speakeasy. “Sure it’s a little gimmicky, but there’s something cool about having a few drinks in a bar not too many people know about. The secret bar makes you feel like an insider and most serve up damn good drinks. Here are our picks for the best in the country,” says http://coolmaterial.com/feature/americas-secret-bars/. You just gotta LOL as you do a bit of speakeasy geocaching, right?


Another site, http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/speak-easies-are-the-hot-new-bar-trend/, advises using a GPS and adds that these secret hot spots “sit in the oddest — some would say undesirable — locations. One sits in a nondescript building on Capitol Hill that looks vacant. Another is tucked in an alley in Belltown. (Your taxi driver might be stumped by this location).

In Seattle, where some folks seem to embrace all things classic cocktail, now comes the hideaway bars that replicate the hush-hush aura of the Prohibition-era speakeasies.”

Maybe it’s because we were fetched up on Harry Potter and Narnia, but we actually do tend to love walking on the wild, unknown side, don’t we? So says http://www.buzzbinpadillacrt.com/marketing-to-millennials-speakeasy-style/. OK. We agree.


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