Want a Brazilian? Steakhouse, that is!

Show me the MEAT!
Brazilian steakhouse photo of a gaucho cutting a steak at EDGYPLATE

What’s the old saying about give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish, and he eats for life? Something like that, anyway, and it’s fine and dandy until you’re just sick of fish.

Then the saying changes to, “Give a man a steak and he eats for a day. Show him the way to a Brazilian steakhouse, and he’ll do anything you ask. Even paint the house.” Or something like that.

Actually, Brazilian steakhouses are somewhat different from, say, your favorite red meat franchise. At Estancia Churrascaria in Austin, “Chefs circle through the tables with skewers of meat, asking patrons if they’d like a slice — but they don’t ask everyone.”

We’re OK with that.

“There’s a giant, gourmet salad bar — but how do you know when to go? When will you get the kind of meat you’re looking for? What are the red and green disks at your table? If you’re a little confused about how Brazilian steakhouses work, you’re not alone. The experience is unfamiliar for many, but don’t worry — you’ll get the hang of it soon enough,” http://estanciachurrascaria.com/how-does-a-brazilian-steakhouse-work/ assures us.

Really, you had us with “hello.” Well, that and the smell of meat cooking…

As with everything on God’s green earth, there’s a list of the best Brazilian steakhouses. It’s a slideshow, viewable at http://www.thedailymeal.com/america-s-best-brazilian-steakhouses/32614, and if you’re an unashamed carnivore, you’ll want to check out the one nearest you. You can also brush up with this handy Brazilian steakhouse backgrounder that explains the serving method, called rodizio, originated back in the 1800s in southern Brazil’s pampa region. Cattle was the main industry, and gauchos, or cowboys, ate by the fire. So today your meat is brought to the table by servers with knives and skewers.

“As if that’s not enough, they’ll also bring traditional Brazilian side dishes of polenta, fried bananas, rice, mashed potatoes, and the popular pão de queijo: bread rolls with cheese baked inside.”

You had us with “olé!”




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