Warning! Too Much of a Good Thing?

Overindulging and Suffering the Consequences

Most of us have made the mistake of overindulging and suffering the consequences. But it’s an especially crappy situation when we think we’ve partaken of food or beverage that’s good for us, right?

There’s a doctor on line at http://www.minhttp://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-15118/10-healthy-foods-that-can-actually-hurt-your-health.html who addresses that very thing, and we read this post with great interest. We were very interested in seeing which 10 foods are often mistaken for health foods but actually aren’t. Imagine our surprise that Diet Coke isn’t as good for us as we thought. Smile. Anyway, read and decide.

Dissing the idea of “if a little is good, more is better” is this site, http://www.livescience.com/35430-seven-good-foods-you-can-overdose-on-110201.html, which actually made us stop in our tracks. Did you know you can eat too many carrots? The result is known as “carotenemia, the condition [that] occurs because carotene is a fat-soluble molecule. Excessive quantities of it tend to accumulate in the outermost layer of skin, resulting in yellow- or orange-pigmented skin, particularly in the palms, soles, knees and nasal area.” Forewarned is forearmed.

You can also drink too much water. “Water intoxication, known as hyponatremia, is mostly a risk for endurance athletes. A 2005 article in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 13 percent of 488 runners in the 2002 Boston Marathon developed hyponatremia from drinking too much water. According to the researchers, a relatively simple strategy to reduce that risk would be for runners to weigh themselves before and after training runs, in order to gauge their overall fluid intake and ensure they do not drink too much water during exercise.”


Other substances that can be toxic in big quantities are kombucha tea, tuna sushi, nutmeg and coffee. Sigh. There goes lunch.

The scariest potential food hazard our research pro Molly found is rhubarb, which we’ve developed a taste for thanks to our friend’s grandmother who makes the world’s freaking BEST strawberry-rhubarb pie. Turns out, though, that the most hazardous part of rhubarb is the leaves, as you’ll read on http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/poison. Sigh. There goes dessert.

BUT, take heart, because we’ve been totally validated in our love for frozen grapes and pineapple chunks. Molly says she and her brother were given frozen grapes as snacks when they were kids (frozen bananas and peaches are favorites, too). You eat the sweeties more slowly because they’re hard as rocks, thereby saving yourself some calories. Great site to visit for some additional before- or after-dinner snacks is http://www.canyoustayfordinner.com/2012/08/02/7-healthy-after-dinner-snack-ideas/. All kinds of interesting combos to be tried, and as more local stuff comes into season, you can stock up and freeze for later. Remember that virtually every fruit can be dipped in melted chocolate. Just sayin’.

Frozen Grapes






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