Well “HEEELLOOO” Lobster!

Lobster: It’s Everywhere
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Not that we’re kvetching, mind you, but does anyone else notice the almost universal presence of lobster these days?

There’s a great eatery in Studio City, CA, called Firefly, and therein are all things lobster. Executive Chef Paul Shoemaker is said to “deconstruct a number of classic dishes and reassemble them, with lobster as a main ingredient.” For instance, his Butter Poached Maine Lobster is a “a riff on the classic eggs Benedict.” Anyway, you get the picture. It’s amazingly wonderful.

He also created something called “Maine Lobster Bolognese, which has diced lobster atop a haystack of housemade linguini and coral butter.” Good lord, man! You’re killin’ us here! There’s a site – you knew we’d provide a site, didn’t you? – that gives more of Chef Paul’s lobster antics. You can read all about him and Jaysen Euler, corporate executive chef at Davanti Enoteca in Chicago. at http://nrn.com/seafood-trends/chefs-play-lobsters-versatility. Euler gets a big hug for his “Lobster Fra Diavolo features Maine lobster served in a marinade of Meyer lemon and olive oil, with fresh celery and Serrano chile and finished with tomatoes.”

No, we haven’t tried it. But it sounds so beautiful that, Jaysen, we think we love you.

Now, having looked at two extremely fabulous lobster guys, we’re hit right between the eyes with this question: “Will there will be any lobsters left in the western Atlantic by this time next year?” It’s posed in a piece at http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2014/11/14/food-trend-alert-london-goes-cray-for-lobster-restaurants/, which as you’ll see was posted in November 2014. It says, and we quote, “There’s been a tidal wave of openings where homarus americanus plays a starring role, beginning with Lobster Kitchen. Then came Smack Deli, in Mayfair, from the people behind Burger & Lobster, which first got the lobster bandwagon rolling in 2011. And very soon they’ll be joined in the pot by Fraq’s Lobster Shack in Fitzrovia. These places sometimes overdo the theming: do Londoners really yearn to eat in a shack modelled on the ones in Bar Harbor, Maine? But they also do aficionados of tail and claw a favour by making this costly delicacy affordable for those of us who don’t run a hedge fund. Let’s just hope that the supply of lobster doesn’t run out first.”

Well. That would suck mightily. But even as the lobster doomsday prophets run amok, there’s this from http://www.nogarlicnoonions.com/lobster-rolls-a-trend-to-look-out-for-in-2015-now-in-lebanon/. And you’ll notice it’s dated January 2015. It says that lobster rolls are all the rage pretty much worldwide. We heart lobster, particularly when it is “cooked, buttered and mixed with mayonnaise and some spices and then placed in a brioche bun, just ready to be devoured.”



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