What Do You Dunk Deep Fried Coffee In?

Deep Fried Coffee
Starbucks deep fried coffee - EDGYPLATE

We positively love the concept of deep-frying. Snickers, bacon, CoCola, ice cream – give it to us in a crispy, sugary crust and you’ve hooked us!

So now the San Diego County Fair “has found a way to make Starbucks drinks even more caloric,” according to http://time.com/3919294/deep-fried-starbucks-coffee/, and baby, we’re there!

“At the Bacon-A-Fair booth, fairgoers can buy deep-fried balls of dough stuffed with Starbucks ground coffee, which comes in a Starbucks cup and is topped with whipped cream. So the concoction basically looks like a deep-fried Frappuccino.”

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good golly, Miss Molly!!!

Yet another story is at http://www.foodbeast.com/news/deep-fried-starbucks-coffee/#4uOpd0yEP5lBLLoQ.99, which made us laugh at this: “Shortly after trying Chicken Charlie’s Deep Fried Slim Fast Bars, me and Rudy were slowly catching the -itis and needed a pick me up during our tour of the fair’s food offerings. We stopped by the Bacon-A-Fair booth and stood clammering at this sign, wondering what Deep Fried Coffee would taste like. Sure enough it comes served out of a Starbucks-branded cup, comes with deep fried balls of ground coffee on a stick and a topping of whipped cream.”

The treat has its naysayers. To them, we say, “Whatsamattayou?”


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