What the Fork?

Anyone up for finger attachments?

WTF? Which, of course, stands for What the Fork? Well, it’s the Finger Fork, a stainless steel appendage you slide over your own finger of choice (we choose index, but that’s just us), and then proceed to work the buffet room.

We dunno. Something about stainless steel is off-putting, and for the double-dippers out there who use chips or other edible utinsels at parties, this is an invitation to pass on cooties through their tines.

Still, if you’re inclined, go to http://www.drinkstuff.com/products/product.asp?ID=2578#.VRw_CPnF_vM, where you’ll be advised, “Whether you decide to take after Wolverine and get angry at the sausage rolls, or follow in the footsteps of Edward Scissorhands and lovingly carve a tasty treat out of some melon balls, the Finger Forks will provide no end of fun for kids of all ages!”


There’s another site, believe it or not, which is appropriately named http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/finger-forks. See, we feel that way about Williams-Sonoma, but Finger Forks? We do love this caveat, as it were, “These cleverly finger attachments turn your index fingers into eating utensils, and make an excellent accessory to hand out at parties and buffets. You’ll feel like an obese Edward Scissorhands in no time.” Just thinking about that morose Johnny Depp with an added 75 pounds cracks us up.

Bon appetit, sweeties.




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