What Time Is It? Lunchtime!

We freaking love lunch.
Hipster businessman during lunchtime bream

We long ago graduated from Pop Tarts and McMorning-Whatevers to the meal that tends to satisfy most of our most pressing needs, including hunger.

It’s lunch. We freaking love lunch.

We love going out for lunch because it breaks up our day and gives us the chance to a.) check Twitter; b.) check Instagram; c.) check FB and d.) check that vague gnawing in our tum-tums.

Word on the street is that lunch is the meal most often eaten out by us Millennials. We can only speak from personal experience when we say, “Yup.”

So what do we look for in a good, fast lunch? As with just about every other aspect of our lives, we want our lunches to be fun. If it’s possible to throw in “exciting,” by all means do so. Also, it goes without saying we want convenience, because time is money. We also want affordable, because money is money, right? And in the midst of all these wants, we want healthy. Is that too much to ask?

A very good piece put out by Taher on marketing to us re: dining out is at http://www.taher.com/millennials-crave-restaurants#.VMkfiDN0zIU

If you’re in the biz of feeding the masses, you might want to take a look, because the stats are impressive. Even the US Potato Board has gotten in on the action, looking at how/when/where we eat spuds. We like that kind of attention, and of course it relates closely to our lunchtime habits. (“Do you want fries with that?”) They get it that farm-to-table is important to us – and if you didn’t read our piece on SouthWind Farms’ fingerling potatoes and the recipe contest, search our site for “And We Eat Itsy Bitsy…” on Jan. 10. Farm-to-table at its finest – just the nicest folks with a healthy product.

There’s another blog on Salaryshark.com we found while we were cruising all things lunch-a-teria; access it at http://salaryshark.com/blogs/276/928/17-lunch-etiquette-rules-for-mil

We had to laugh at the do’s and don’ts, like choosing the cuisine carefully to avoid certain, um, digestive occurrences later in the day – perhaps when in the company of one’s employer. Also we’re well advised on which days ordering beer at lunchtime is perfectly acceptable and which days it’s not. Green light on Wednesday-Friday, y’all, with the caveat: “Don’t forget that Listerine strips still exist and maybe even throw in some eye drops to be even safer around your nosy coworkers.” Funny!

Don’t hit on your server, and don’t take a co-worker to lunch as a date. Oh my! Such pearls of wisdom! BUT do take your boss to lunch from time to time, like monthly. Again, we say watch the cuisine choices carefully, eh?

Ever so often we disagree with some research done on Millennials re: preferences/tendencies/trends. There’s a study still posted that goes back to 2011 found at http://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/archived-content/articles/technomic-value-driven-millennials-%E2%80%98do-lunch%E2%80%9D-most and we are not too sure about a couple of the findings. For instance, one bullet point says more than half of consumers say – and maybe the operative word “say” is the clue here – that they skip lunch at least once a week. We can think of only one reason we’d do that. Ahem. We’re not going to provide personal details, but we think the numbers on this site might be a bit skewed. We might get in to work late that often, but skip lunch? We don’t think so.

Go to the quick read and let us know if you agree. The study goes on to say that 47 percent of us stick to the same familiar restaurants for lunch. And yet we eat a wide variety of food . God bless America that we can find that kind of diversity in menus!


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