What’s Food and Drinks without Music

Cities with the BEST– and We Mean MUSIC!

For anyone who’s been living under a rock since conception, please allow us to introduce you to what we consider to be in the top five music cities in America. Sure, you got your LA/NYC connection, and you got your Nashville and N’Awlins. But, honey, if you ain’t got your Austin, you ain’t got music.


While it’s deep in the heart of Texas, Austin’s musical offerings are as diverse as any on the planet – at least from our vantage point. Consider the two-week-long Austin City Limits Festival in October. The lineup in 2014 included Eminem, Pearl Jam, Outkast, Skrillex, Beck, Calvin Harris, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Foster the People, The Replacements, Zedd, Major Lazer, The Avett Brothers, Spoon, The Head And The Heart, Belle & Sebastian, Jimmy Cliff , Iggy Azalea, Asleep At the Wheel, the Barton Hills Choir with Stuart Murdoch and dozens more. It’s huge and hugely wonderful.

Of course Austin is also home to the South by Southwest festival, with 50 venues and a whole world of culture. It’s music; it’s film; it’s interactive. It’s in March. There is every imaginable music discipline and style. There are hundreds of musicians and musical groups set to play. It’s Woodstock, only more so and much more organized. Still, you might want to steer clear of the brown acid. (We’ve only heard stories and seen the movie…) Here’s the link to South by Southwest. Live it and love it.


Now, this is a food site, but we gotta tell ya that having our auditory senses stroked are as fulfilling as having our tastebuds sent to heaven. We’ve done some ‘splainin’ about food; here’s a good summation about music: “The best things in life usually can’t be explained; at least not entirely. When describing their favorite concert experience, people often use some variation of the phrase: “there was just something about…”. One fan remembered a concert from years ago, where an unknown band opened the show at a venue with mediocre acoustics. They said there was just something about them that was great, and they had a feeling the band would make it big. That band was U2.”


It’s really not unlike going to a restaurant chain – say Chipotle – and realizing the at-first-unassuming guac is not your normal chain guac. It’s a moment of epiphany, you know?

But when we’re not in Austin, chances are good we are in LA. And here is a list of the top 10 best bars and restaurants with live music in our town. http://www.laweekly.com/music/10-best-la-bars-and-restaurants-with-live-music-4809172

We love to dance, and we think when music and food are combined – like at Casey’s Irish Pub. Great music; great mini pot pies, wings, fries and french dips. We go to dance; we eat while we’re there; we tend to stay longer. Also try are El Cid for Flamenco and tapas and Villains for loud garage rock and great burgers, fried fish and a tasty chowder.


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