Would You Eat Them with a Goat? Would You Eat Them on a Boat?

Dining on the water
EDGYPLATE-A lovely seaside dining experience for two--Beach shore hotel restaurant cruise ship lakeside.

We pretty much love dinner cruises. As a matter of fact, that might well be our dream date, our perfect night on the town (which is to say, “on the water…”). Cloud 9 Living, which is found at http://www.cloud9living.com/dinner-cruises, has a lofty mission statement of “To forever change the world of gift giving by enhancing people’s lives through memorable experiences.” Dining cruises is one such memorable experience, and you can book one of three types of cruises: “The Lunch Cruise is great for experiencing a “unique tour in a new city or getting a fresh perspective on your home town.” The tours are available in East and West Coast cities with access to waterways, of course.   The Dinner Cruise is lively, less romantic but with a great social atmosphere.   And, ahhhh, the Gourmet Dinner Cruise is relaxed, intimate and features “seasonal hors d’oeuvers followed by creative and sumptious appetizers, entrees, and desserts”   Nice. Very nice.   And if you’re in New Orleans, check out the Steamboat Natchez – ahead of time go to http://www.steamboatnatchez.com/dinner_cruise.html.   You can partake of the “beauty and romance of New Orleans skyline aboard the 7 pm Dinner/Jazz Cruise on the authentic Steamboat NATCHEZ,” with highlights included views and a buffet-style dinner. Choose to sit on deck or inside, and enjoy an evening of live jazz by the Dukes of Dixieland.   You can make this as romantic as a honeymoon, you can bring the kids.


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