You Say Bandanna, and I Say Bananas

What will they think of next?!
banana slicer

What kitchen, we ask, is complete without a Chef’n Banana Slicer? Not ours; that’s for sure! 

This little slice of genius makes “quick work of that banana,” although, really, how long does it take to slice a banana? Still, “This innovative banana slicer gives you uniform banana slices with the simple squeeze of your hand. The dull stainless steel blades cut through the banana easily and makes the Bananza Banana Slicer safe.”

So it’s not exactly a finger guillotine, which is good. It’s also great for “cereal, desserts, smoothies, and more!” “More” means the kids can use it, and it is just the ticket for uniform banana slices for the dehydrator.

The site, tells us we can slice bananas “directly over a bowl or plate,” which, actually, we do with a paring knife now. But… the slicer’s blades are “top rack dishwasher safe,” unlike the paring knife, which goes in the cutlery basket down below. is the site, and here’s one of the best consumer posts we’ve ever read about any product. It’s especially brilliant about the slicer, though.

Works great but my husband hates it. By DelilahS on September 26, 2012 — This is the greatest product. Perfect banana slices every time. Every morning I slice a banana – six slices onto my cereal and six slices onto my husband’s. It takes seconds. Just push the slicer over the banana and give it a quick squeeze. Another push, another squeeze and poof, that banana is history.
My husband likes bananas but hates watching me do this for some reason. He hasn’t slept in weeks. I thought it was because I was clumsy at first while I got the hang of it, but I’m real good at it now. Push – squeeze, push – squeeze. Real quick. He still hates it. Go figure.” 

Must. Stop. Laughing. Milk. Coming. Out. Nose.

Great “how-to” video at And if you like this, consider the Bass-O-Matic, too.



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